The global crisis associated COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted both our industry and the New Objective team has been a unique and unsettling time for all of us. Since the pandemic has become a new reality in our daily lives, we have continued to reach out and offer our words of hope, care and compassion. We have also focused our operations with the health and human safety of our team, partners, collaborators, customers and all of their families at the forefront as our primary focus. Our collective efforts have been effective and ensured the sustained health and human safety of our talented team and their families.

Following an initial closure of our facilities to general operations on March 16th, as an essential business we established a COVID-19 response team who have worked thoughtfully and carefully to bring our manufacturing operations with limited capacity online to support and enable our collaborators and customers leading research and innovation on the coronavirus and vaccines and therapies for COVID-19. From our fundamental technology of GlassTip emitters to our premier integrated solutions, PicoChip and FlowChip, we are actively supporting the crucial work ongoing by essential labs and researchers across the globe.

Overall, we have focused our resources to lead with a focus on health and safety, manufacturing with limited and structured hours and are working diligently to fulfill orders, be connected and support all of you and the crucial work you are leading. In tandem, our leadership, sales and support teams have been actively adjusting and learning to work within new surroundings – much like many of you.

As we take a pause and reflect to give thanks for our health, our families and the great network of people we are fortunate to work with during the Memorial Day Holiday, we are looking ahead to June and a key event on the calendar, with ASMS. We are proactively working towards ASMS and will be continuing with our planned program while adjusting for the new way of staying connected, Everyday – digitally.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support as we work together during this unprecedented and dynamic global health crisis.

We continue to promise to work together, provide leadership, and commit to help everyone achieve their goals to the best of our ability.


Amanda, Mike and Emily

New Objective Coronavirus Response

Upcoming Events

Littleton Open House
Littleton, MA
March 25, 2020 - Postponed

CPSA Analytics 2020
Boston, MA
May 4-7, 2020 - Postponed

ASMS 2020 Re-Boot
June 1 - 12, 2020

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