About New Objective

For two decades, New Objective has lead high-sensitivity LC-MS reasearch through innovative life-science sample prep and delivery tools. Founded in 1997 on PicoTip® technology, New Objective has remained on the cutting edge of nanobore chromatography and nanospray-based mass spectrometry through engaging, ongoing communication with our customers, continuous innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Gary Valaskovic, New Objective's co-founder, explains the company's customer-driven culture: "Our hands-on sales and support approach ensures that our customers have a direct line to the company. Mutually beneficial, it's through this continual communication loop that New Objective is able to improve upon current products and meet our customers' changing needs."

Through this open line of communication, the original PicoTip product line quickly expanded. New columns and emitters were added, including PicoFrit® columns, which combine a nanobore column with an integral ESI emitter. In order to maximize nanospray productivity and reproducibility, the PicoView® source was developed to work in conjunction with PicoTip emitters and PicoFrit columns. PicoView models are available for the world's leading mass spectrometer systems, including Thermo, Applied Biosystems, and Bruker. The Digital PicoView takes experimental flexibilty and control to an even higher level, with software controlled stage positioning and automated tip rinsing.

New Objective's expanded product line is designed for unprecedented ease of use in biomolecule nanoscale analysis. Nanobore IntegraFrit™ Sample Traps, in a wide range of diameters and chemistries, feature facile, finger-tight fittings and enable multidimensional LC. Zero dead-volume PicoFrit columns, packed with the highest performance peptide analysis chemistries, ensure optimal chromatographic peak shape for the highest sensitivity. Pre-cut fused-silica tubing provides for fast and reliable connections especially when coupled with the unique true zero-dead-volume PicoClear™ connector.

The PicoChip Nanospray System is the latest development from New Objective. PicoChip provides a unique, extremely user-friendly platform for nanospray, yet delivers the high-performance that only traditional tube-based nanopsray provides. PicoChip's simple plug-and-spray operation delivers the best spray stability, reliability and perfromance available.

The Best of LC-MS Interfacing

PicoTip and PicoChip product lines are engineered and manufactured to exacting tolerances using a combination of laser, chemical, and precision mechanical micromachining techniques. Customer feedback and industry demands for better, more rugged and reliable tools motivate our ongoing research and development efforts. Our highly skilled, multi- disciplinary team delivers the highest quality LC-MS products to your laboratory door when you need them.

Our ergonomically designed PicoView nanospray sources offer rapid emitter and column change-out, reassuring spray imaging for method validation, and an integrated valve platform for no-compromise sample injection. We have selected and assembled the best micro-fittings and tools to provide you with the essential elements for success. All of this is backed up by our knowledgeable and responsive customer support.

Initial tip inspection TaperTip production ELF inspection ELF station