NanoESI at Work

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Stability at low-flow rates!

Think of what this stable, low-flow delivery does for your nano-HPLC/MS. This kind of performance is not possible with cleaved, flat-ended silica tubing.

These images are frame captures of a SilicaTip spraying 5% Acetic acid in 30% MeOH at 200 nl/min by direct infusion from a syringe pump. Each frame differs by an applied voltage of approximately 100 volts. The tip-to-inlet distance was ca. 5 mm.

Animated electrospray

900 VNo spray
1000 V Taylor-cone/droplet oscillation; more "drops" than spray
1100 VCone/droplet oscillation; approx 50% spray
1200 VCone/droplet oscillation; on the verge of a stable Taylor cone
1300 V Stable cone-jet
1400 VCone-jet on the verge of "jumping"; slight instability
1550 VMultiple cone-jets