PicoFrit Column

PicoFrit® Columns

PicoFrit® nanospray columns ensure the highest possible performance, combining powerful chemistries with a novel format that eliminates post-column loss. Designed and tested for applications that require optimal peak shape and ultimate sensitivity, these columns provide unsurpassed performance, reliability and ruggedness.


IntegraFrit™ Columns

IntegraFrit™ columns are the building blocks of your high performance analytical method. The exceptional flexibility, consistency and stability are the hallmark of these non-metal fritted columns, and allow the full potential of nanospray to be harnessed with the benefits of superior control and performance independent of your analysis platform.


PicoChip™ Columns

The ultimate performance nanospray column, PicoChip™ columns provide Plug & Spray™ operation with the high-performance and flexibility of traditional nanospray. Single connection, onboard high-voltage connection and a full menu of chemistries, the PicoChip is nanospray at it's easiest.


Sample Trap Columns

IntegraFrit™ sample traps are perfect combination for concentrating and separating samples for mass spectrometry. Integrated with a titanium inlet frit in the cartridge, the IntegraFrit sample trap column features a non-metal outlet frit in 360 µm ID fused-silica tubing. IntegraFrit sample trap columns can be packed with any of our outstanding chemistries.