PicoFrit Nanospray Columns



Throughput. Sensitivity. Performance.

Perfect spray

PicoSlide™ Multiplex System (Thermo LTQ model shown)


Whether applying metabolomics to drug discovery, biomarker validation, or clinical diagnostics, throughput matters.  PicoSlide™ enables multiplexing in nano- and microspray flow rates for high-sensitivity LC-MS.

Triple your productivity

Gradient elution LC has three zones: Injection, elution and wash/equilibrate. MS data is collected only during the elution phase.

While Column A is eluting, Column B is loading and Column C is washing. Your MS is collecting relevant data and downntime in netween runs is reduced dramaticially.











PicoSlide Models

PicoSlide systems ship complete including full PicoSlide mounting hardware, custom valve, 3 Standard PicoChip columns, 1 PicoChip for infusion, tubing and connectors, PicoSlide software, and instruction manual

Order Number: 1PCS-550 PicoSlide system for Thermo LTQ/Orbi
Order Number 1PCS-565 PicoSlide system for Thermo Fusion/Lumos


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Academic institutions receive a 5% discount on PicoChip columns. Academic discount cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

PicoFrit, PicoChip, and IntegraFrit columns are available packed with any of our available premier chromatography media. Please contact New Objective for more information on any configuration not listed here.

PicoFrit/PicoChip columns are manufactured under U.S. Patents 5,997,746 and 6,190,559 and are sold for use under license of U.S. Patent 5,572,023. Other patents pending.