IntegraFrit Nanospray Columns

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IntegraFrit Sample Trap Columns

IntegraFrit™ sample traps combined with Upchurch Scientific® fittings are a perfect combination for concentrating and separating samples for mass spectrometry. Integrated with a titanium inlet frit in the cartridge, the IntegraFrit sample trap column features a non-metal outlet frit in 360 ┬Ám ID fused-silica tubing. IntegraFrit sample trap columns can be packed with any of our outstanding chemistries.

Sample trap cartridge and column

Consistency You Can Rely On

IntegraFrit Sample Trap Column illustrated

Like our PicoFrit and IntegraFrit columns, IntegraFrit sample trap columns are fabricated from 360 µm OD, polyimide-coated, fused-silica tubing. The ends of the precision cut 2.5 cm column of the fused-silica column is polished flat to ensure a clean connection. The chromatography bed is packed behind the frit.

Upcahurch sample trap cartridge disassembled

Once inserted into the trap cartridge, the titanium frit within the cartridge hardware locks the column in place.

Chromatographic datd comparing analyses run with matching column/trap column sorbents and non-matching.





Sample Trap Efficiency

Matching trap and analytical column sorbents results in improved peak resolution, higher overall loading capacity, and improved peptide recovery.

A 300 fmol BSA digest sample was prepared and run using two separate sample trap/column configurations:

Right, top - Run using an IntegraFrit sample trap and a PicoFrit analytical column both packed with ProteoPep II C18 5 µm 300Å chemistry.

Right, bottom - Run using an IntegraFrit sample trap and a PicoFrit analytical column each packed with different chemistries.

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