IntegraFrit Nanospray Columns

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How to Order IntegraFrit Sample Traps

All IntegraFrit Sample Trap Inserts are made from 360 µm OD fused-silica tubing and are available in three column IDs (75, 100, and 150 µm) and can be packed with any of our available chromatographic media. Column inserts do not include column hardware (see below).

Specify desired column ID by replacing the ## in the order number with appropriate ID size and media,
i.e. IT75-25H002.

Specify desired chemistry by replacing the XXXX in the part number with appropriate media code.

Sample Trap Columns

360 µm OD x specified ID (µm)
All standard sample trap columns are 25 mm in length.

OD µmID µmBed Length mmQtyPart Number
360 75, 100, 150251

Sample Trap Cartridge & Hardware

For use with IntergaFrit sample trap columns

DescriptionQtyPart Number
Complete Upchurch trap cartridgeassembly, including 2 sample trap columns - 75 µm ID
(indicate desired chemistry when ordering)
1 KitTRC-25
Replacement Titanium Inlet Frit (1 ┬Ám)2NOM-126
Replacement Capsule Union1NOM-124NF
Replacement Ferrule1NOF-152
Sample Trap Cartridge Assembly Only (no columns)1NOC-1326

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