PicoClear Connectors

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Magnified PicoClear connection

Perfect Zero-Dead-Volume Connections

PicoClear™ technology revolutionizes the way capillary connections are made. High performance applications that require connections with inline filters, liquid-junction voltage, sample-trap, or tees and crosses are now simple and easy! The PicoClear line of connectors can do it all–even at high pressure.

How does PicoClear™ technology work?

PicoClear connectors feature pure radial compression toprovide a high performance connection. This novel format ensures the perfect alignment and union of fused-silica tubing – every time. Uniformly applied pressure surrounds the tubing, thereby eliminating friction and cracking that can lead to unwanted contaminants and result in a clogged nanospray emitter.

Pure radial compression
The radial compression provided by PicoClear connectors is a revolutionary development in LC-MS and eliminates frusto-conical compression connections featured in traditional fittings. Troubleshooting becomes diagnostic and clogging is virtually eliminated.

PicoClear Connector for 360 µm tubing

Clearly, a revolutionary solution
Because PicoClear connectors are clear,perfect contact is confirmed with a simple visual inspection. A clear solution to a difficult problem.

PicoClear Connector illustrated

Elastomer core
The elastomer core provides the platform for PicoClear technology and allows for the easy visualization of the perfect connection.Compression of the elastomer core results in a clear view of the union, and of course, a perfect connection.

PicoClear Connector illustrated in use
How PicoClear Works - Radial Compression