PicoClear Connectors

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High-Performance. Cost-Efficient.

Modern applications require the highest possible performance - sensitivity, selectivity, ruggedness. Use PicoClear™ connectors over and over again to ensure a perfect connection that is free of contaminants. A quick visual inspection of the PicoClear see-through elastomer core can confirm that your fluid path is in tip-top shape. When it is time to replace the PicoClear core, simply remove the used core and replace it with a new one.

PicoClear specifications

Description Qty Part Number
PicoClear™ union for 360 µm tubing Includes: (1) union body, (2) clear inserts, (1) set of nuts & ferrules 1 set PCU-360
PicoClear Union Replacement Clear Inserts (For use with PCU-360) 2PCU-360-I
PicoClear Union Nuts & Ferrules Set (For use with PCU-360) Incl: (2) primary nuts, (2) secondary ferrules1 setPCU-360-NF