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Sample Prep Essentials


Trap'n Tips™ Sample Prep Tips

Carbon-, C18/Carbon-, and C18-coated Trap'nTips

Trap'nTip on pipetter
Trap'nTip filled with sample on a standard pipetter

Trap'nTip™ ready-made, disposable pipette tips with micro- chromatography columns are perfect for sensitive, fast, and convenient purification of peptide mixtures and proteins. Chromatography material is directly attached to the inner surface of the tip without the use of any polymers or glue.

Part Number Sorbent Qty/Box
NOTNTC18 C18 96
NOTNTCAR Carbon 96
NOTNTMC18 Carbon/C18 96
NOTNTTI Titanium 96
NOTNTZR Zirconium 96



More Sample Prep Tools

Hamilton Syringe Hamilton syringe

10 µL syringe with a 10 cm long, 170 µm OD flexible fused-silica needle. Ideal for filling offline PicoTips.

Order Number:

Calibrated Micropipettes Calibrated pipettes

Precision-calibrated 1-5 µL micropipettes are ideal for monitoring offline sample loading of PicoFrit columns. Fire-polished and color-coded with a guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5%, these are ideal for measuring through-column flow rates.

Order Number:
250 pieces per box

Eppendorf GELoader tips Eppendorf GelLoader tips

Flexible 350 µm OD gel-loading pipette tip, makes offline PicoTips® sample loading fast and simple.

Order Number:
Box of 192 tips

Glygen NuTips NuTips

Ready-made, disposable pipette tips with C18 micro-columns for fast, simple purification of peptide mixtures and proteins. Perfect for MALDI and offline applications.

Order Number: NONT1C18
Box of 192 tips