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Nanobore Tools and Hardware

Close-up photo of diamond scribe

Diamond Scribe

This precision, 90° wedge-style (1 mm-wide blade) diamond scribe is different from most diamond point scribes available elsewhere. It's the tool of choice by our own production techs. With proper technique, this scribe can be used to cleave even thin-wall tubing without damage and with minimum particulate generation.

Part Number: SCRIBE

Photo of micro tool kit

Micro Tool Kit

Tool assortment for low-volume preparative work. These high-quality tools are the same as those used in the New Objective lab. Includes Dumont #7 fine forceps, Dumont #578A forceps, 90° precision diamond scribe, needle probe for swaging sleeves, and a 6" metal ruler (inch/mm).

Part Number: TIP-KIT

Photo of micro tool kit

PicoFrit Packing Mount

Acrylic base for the inspection of fused-silica tips by light microscopy; especially useful for holding PicoFrit tips during packing. The 1" x 3" baseplate is designed to fit any conventional mechanical stage. Includes MicroTight union and ferrules for 360 ┬Ám OD fused-silica tubing. Ideal for use with the PIP-500 Injection Platform.

Order Number: MOUNT-FS1