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  • Making the switch to nanospray
  • Selecting a source
  • Column media questions
  • Troubleshooting clogs

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How to...

  • Properly Cleave Fused Silica
    This isn't your father's GC! Learn the proper tools and techniques for cutting capillary fused-silica tubing for LC-MS.
  • Handle PicoFrit Columns
    Remove the column safely from packaging, handlie and condition your column properly
  • Make Connections
    Follow these simple guidelines to ensure the most sound and trouble-free nano-ESI connections
  • Optimize your Spray
    Learn the ins and outs of spray morphology and how to adjust your voltage to control it
  • Choose the Right Tip
    Learn the difference between conductive coatings and how to determine the best emitter size for your flow rate.