Product Manuals

The documents below are in a downloadable portable document format (PDF). To read these documents, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. It is available free online from Adobe at

If you do not find the manual or instruction sheet you're looking for, please contact New Objective Technical Support.

PicoTip Emitter Instructions

  • PT-1 Using Offline Tips
  • PT-2 Using Online Tips
  • PT-9 Using Metal TaperTips

Nanospray Column Instructions

  • PF-4 Use & Care of PicoFrit Columns
  • IF-1 Use & Care of IntegraFrit Columns
  • IF-2 Using IntegraFrit Sample Trap Columns

PicoChip Manuals

  • Model PCH 555 PicoChip System for Thermo LTQ/Orbitrap/Velos/TSQ Quantum Starter Kit
  • Model PCH 565 PicoChip System for Thermo Fusion/Quantiva Starter Kit
  • PicoChipGeneral Use and Care

PicoView Source Manuals

Standard PicoView Manuals

  • Model PV-100    PicoView for Thermo LCQ Deca/Classic (1999-2005)
  • Model PV-150    PicoView for Thermo LCQ Deca/Classic (2005 - present)
  • Model PV-200    PicoView for Bruker Esquire/Agilent LC/MSD
  • Model PV-300    PicoView for Waters/Micromass Q-ToF/LCT
  • Model PV-400 PicoView for Applied Biosystems QSTAR / 3000
  • Model PV-500 PicoView for Thermo LCQ Decas XP
  • Model PV-550 PicoView for Thermo LTQ/Orbitrap/Velos
  • All PV Models PicoView Image (Shipping 2015)

Digital PicoView Manuals

Nanospray Adapter Manuals

  • Tip AdaptersModels ADPT-TLC/TLD/PRO/MZS Manual
  • ADPC-PRO PicoFrit/PicoTip Adapter for ABI QSTAR (Protana stage)
  • ADPC-NS2-3/4 PicoFrit Adapter for ABI QTRAP (Nanospray 2 stage on 3000/4000 systems)
  • ADPC-MZS PicoFrit/PicoTip Adapter for Waters/Micromass Q-ToF/LCT
  • ADPC-IMS PicoFrit/PicoTip Adapter for Thermo Ion Max source

PicoClear Instruction Manual

Additional Manuals

  • TRC-25Upchurch Sample Trap Cartridge
  • SCRIBEUsing the New Objective Scribe for Cleaving Fused Silica
  • PIP-500 Pressure Injection Platform
  • Trap'nTips Using Trap'n Tips for Offline Sample Prep