Application & Technical Notes

NOI Technical Notes

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Fused-Silica Application Notes

  • FS-1 How to Cleave Fused-Silica Tubing

PicoFrit® Technical & Application Notes

  • PF-1 Femtomole Peptide Analysis by PicoFrit® Nanobore LC/MS at Low Pressures
  • PF-2 Nanobore Gradient LC/MS and MS/MS Using POROS®-Packed PicoFrit® Columns
  • PF-3 Using PicoFrit® Columns With the Micromass Z-Spray™ Nanoflow™ Stage
  • PF-4 Handling PicoFrit® Columns
  • PF-5 High-throughput Analytical Proteomics Using PicoFrit® Columns
  • PF-6 PicoFrit® Mounting Adapter for the QSTAR® Electrospray Source
  • PF-7 Using the ADPC-IMS PicoFrit® Probe for the Thermo Finnigan™ Ion Max™ Source

IntegraFrit™ Technical Notes

  • IF-1 Handling IntegraFrit™ Columns
  • IF-2 How to Use IntegraFrit™ Sample Trap Columns
  • IF-3 Handling Self-Pack IntegraFrit™ Columns/li>
  • IF-4 Sample Trap Injection for Improved MS Spectra and Hardware Longevity

PicoTip® Technical & Application Notes

  • PT-1 Tips on Tips: Using Offline PicoTips®
  • PT-2 Tips on Tips: Using Online PicoTips®
  • PT-3 Making Connections
  • PT-4 Using Standard-coated PicoTips® With the Thermo Finnigan™ Dynamic Flow Nanospray Ionization Source
  • PT-5 Higher Flow Rate Operation Using TaperTips™
  • PT-6 Using Trap'nTips™ for Offline Sample Purification
  • PT-7 Setup and Measurement of Flow Rate for Online Nanobore LC-MS
  • PT-8 Carbon, TiO2, and ZrO2 Wall-Coated Trap'nTips™ for Online & Offline Phosphopeptide Analysis
  • PT-9 Handling Metal TaperTips™
  • PT-10 Using Pre-Cut SilicaTips™

PicoView® Technical Notes

  • PV-1 High-Voltage Upgrade for the PicoView® 100
  • PV-2 Using Sheath Gas With PicoView®
  • PV-3 Common Background Ions for Electrospray (Positive Ion)
  • PV-4 Spray Quality Optimization for ESI-MS Applications
  • PV-6 Installing Live Video Capture for Use with PicoView
  • PV-8 Enabling Sheath Gas Capability on PV/DPV-550 PicoView Sources