New Objective Webinar Brings Together Analysts Focused on Making a Difference Through Biology and Ease-of-Use

November 17, 2021 – Littleton, MA (USA) New Objective, Inc. the world leader in innovative solutions for nanoflow and microflow LC-MS focused on bringing to market Solutions for Life, shared recent data, experiences and perspectives from analysts across the globe with a hosted webinar featuring collaborators Rafael Melani and Fernanda Negrao of the Kelleher Research Group on November 10th. The webinar which was attended by industry leaders representing Merck Research Laboratories, Neoteryx, Genentech, Covance, the University of Florida, The Broad Institute – and more – emphasized a path to helping others through a better understanding of biology with solutions that are easier-to-use, giving access to a wider audience (others) – as expressed by Rafael, while upholding the uncompromising elements of performance – separation, reproducibility and ruggedness – that LC-MS analysts across the globe have come to expect.

Emily Ehrenfeld, President and Co-Founder of New Objective, captured the experience of working with Rafa and Fernanda and the impact of their insights and results using New Objective’s FlowChip solution for microflow LC-MS in that “we are trying to achieve the same goal, focused on patient betterment by bringing tools forward that deliver on patient improvement”.

Mike Lee, CEO of New Objective and founder of the CPSA Annual Meetings, captured New Objective’s “pivot to focus on the patient, with portable solutions featuring zero-dead volume technology for decentralized workflows”, launching the webinar as Rafa and Fernanda proceeded to share their story and “what is important to them”.

Fernanda introduced the data featuring chromatograms collected using the FlowChip LC-MS solution for microflow LC-MS and sharing openly how the FlowChip is “making their lives so much easier when analyzing data”, capturing the portable aspects of FlowChip, and the time measured from out-of-the box to data as being markedly improved over other commercialized options. Fernanda further shared her experience when presenting data collected for an antibody separation using FlowChip in being “speechless when she gets (antibody) peaks that look like peptide peaks”. The webinar expanded on the results which were recently presented at the 69th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Philadelphia, PA (poster TP235) in an engaged and intimate setting, allowing for open discussion, inclusive of their ongoing work to understand the story of organ rejection for liver transplant patients in collaboration with physicians in Chicago.