CPSA USA: Christophe Stove Receives Peer Recognition and Joins Revered Group of Analysts as Distinguished Analytical Scientist

December 14, 2021 – Newtown, PA (USA) The CPSA USA community as led by Mike Lee, founder of the CPSA meetings and CPSA USA 2021 program chair, celebrated the steadfast, accomplished, and prolific career of Christophe Stove of Ghent University with the Distinguished Analytical Scientist Award. Mike together with Emily Ehrenfeld of New Objective, sponsor of the event, hosted Christophe in sharing his story of microsampling and putting the patient at the forefront, as told through his featured talk “Patient-centric sampling: finding the sweet spot”.

As Mike Lee captured “like snowflakes of life on an ornament, we (CPSA community) have remembered to stick together”, Christophe elegantly shared the story of his career in an engaging discussion as told through key words celebrating life and the time of the year, that distill what is important to him – multidisciplinarity, sweet spot, quality, trustworthiness, collaboration, outreach, patient centricity and serendipity.

Expanding on the key word – outreach- selected by Emily, Christophe shared a story of a patient study for remote monitoring of alcohol markers that empowered the patient by integrating them as an active role in the outcome of the study (responsibility for sampling) and through outreach (media) is effecting change by making the public aware and bringing forth legislation. On patient centricity, Christophe unified with Kevin Bateman of Merck in the mission, with patient centric sampling, to demonstrate value and expanded further with the ‘sweet spot’ and what it enables: monitor patients from home, flexibility in sampling on a time scale, economic benefits, reduced visits to a clinical setting and longitudinal monitoring.

Neil Spooner of Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions captured the mission and vision of CPSA in denoting how “Christophe is setting out challenges and together with the CPSA community, responding by not getting stuck but solving problems, collaboratively”. Emily punctuated the discussion as it closed saying “Woven together, Christophe shared an understanding of what is required to bring forward patient centric sampling. Christophe joins an esteemed group of analysts, scientists and thought leaders who have been celebrated over the years by the CPSA community with the prestigious Distinguished Analytical Scientist Award, inclusive of the recent awardee, Neil Kelleher as part of the 2020 CPSA USA program, as well as Neil Spooner in 2018 and Gary Valaskovic in 2013. Christophe, along with previous awardees, share a common passion and knowledge in how science and innovation can make a difference and his ability to share this through events such as CPSA, promotes understanding and a shared sense of purpose.