Milestone Development Services Announces the Program for the CPSA USA 2022 Event

August 23, 2022 – Philadelphia, PA (USA) Mike Lee, founder of Milestone Development Services, formally launches the CPSA Everyday/CPSA USA 2022 event and together with Emily Ehrenfeld, President, New Objective and the CPSA Everyday and CPSA Charitable Foundation organizing committees, announces the agenda for this upcoming event. The CPSA USA meeting, where Technology, Solutions and Regulations meet, will keep the conversations going with a focus to work together on behalf of the patient as these communities come together and as launched with CPSA Everyday – continue to rethink, reconnect and reset – with the patient at the center.

The meeting will commence on October 10th featuring CPSA as a digital event with meetings scheduled throughout the week till October 13th. The meeting will conclude with a modest in person event planned for Friday October 14th at Makefield Highlands Golf Club in Yardley, PA.

  • CPSA Everyday / CPSA USA 2022 – At-A-Glance
    • Plenary Lecture – Robyn Rourick, Genentech
    • Imagine Summit – Mark Arnold, Labcorp Drug Development
    • Distinguished Lecturer – Bradley Ackermann, Eli Lilly and Company
    • Distinguished Analytical Scientist – Daniel Liebler, Protypia
    • CPSA Series and Events
      • Steven A. Hofstadler Student Session
      • Executive Roundtable
      • Four Corners
      • Innovator
    • More Ongoing Conversations!
      • Patient Centricity: Why Not Use Microsampling Now?
      • Proteoforms Are the Next Wave of Innovation and Biology
      • Considerations on Top-Down Proteomics: Development of Diagnostic Tests for Patients
      • Challenges and Solutions to Make an Impact on Human Health: A Focus on Clinical Research, Sick Children, and Microsampling
      • Metabolomics / Integrative OMICS
      • Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease: From Research Tools to Routine Clinical Diagnostics
      • And more!

This exclusive event brings together industry leaders across the globe focused and dedicated to making a difference by working collaboratively and thinking big to apply innovation in technology to change the current paradigm in healthcare. The CPSA community stays connected by working within the framework of the Vision and Goals established by CPSA, Everyday.