New Objective Visits Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

October 13, 2022 – Littleton, MA (USA) New Objective, Inc, the global leader in innovative solutions for nanoflow and microflow LC-MS announces the launch of PicoChip as the standard platform for immunopeptidomic analysis at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Mike Lee, CEO, New Objective, led a delegation of colleagues from New Objective to visit Regeneron Pharmaceuticals at their campus in Tarrytown, New York, to celebrate the launch and formalize the establishment of the New Objective platform as the premier solution for the immunopeptidomic workflow.

Mike, joined by New Objective colleagues Emily Ehrenfeld, President and Co-Founder, Gary Valaskovic, Research Fellow and Co-Founder, and Steve Klohr, Director of Business Development, met with Robert Salzler, Scientist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Team Leader for Immunopeptidomics for Oncology, Infectious Disease and Autoimmunity. Robert hosted the New Objective team and introduced them to his team and colleagues inclusive of a laboratory tour, where each team could observe the New Objective Universal Flow Station equipped with the heated PicoChip and share an open, collaborative discussion on further innovation.

Robert, who has been a New Objective customer for several years has highlighted the performance of New Objective – “uncomparable” and “no others like it” – focusing on the elements of reproducibility and ruggedness at the core of its product portfolio and built on the standard of the iconic SilicaTip emitter. As Robert shared insights into the value of the samples they analyze – with direct connection and impact to the patient – the elements of integration and ease-of-use of the PicoChip were punctuated with the peace of mind knowing simply “it works”. And for Robert and team leading these quantitative analyses, their focus can remain on the patient via the critical data they are generating and enable the mass spectrometer, like a CPU, to print data and tell the story of health or for Regeneron, a pathway to health via innovative treatments and therapies.

New Objective will be featuring Robert in a webinar scheduled for November. This New Objective event will build on the format as launched through CPSA Everyday and highlighted with recent webinars as led by Rafa Melani at Northwestern University and Justyna Zakaria at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.