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New! Packed 25 cm PicoFrit® LC-MS Columns.

Built on over 25 years of expertise, New Objective’s innovative technologies feature exclusive and patented products engineered from silica – a strong, durable, inert material. Combined with innovative and patented PicoFrit® Technology, zero dead volume leads to spraying directly off the column, delivering the highest level of performance possible.

At the beginning of every column’s life, the SilicaTipTM emitter first undergoes a highly controlled manufacturing process, with quality visualized and measured to ensure robustness.  Next, the PicoFrit® is added to the emitter tip, through a second, patented process, allowing the column to be packed to the emitter, providing The Ultimate LC-MS Platform for nano spray applications. Finally, we integrate an innovative column packing strategy, with a novel digital approach to provide reproducibly packed columns.  

The integration of these three controlled processes leads to improved separation power and increased peak capacity for small sample volumes.

High-Performance LC-MS with Packed 25 cm PicoFrit® Columns 

  • Novel – Innovative, Industrialized Digitized Column Packing 
  • Control – Engineered from Silica to be Strong, Durable, and Inert
  • Quantitative – Reproducible, Injection-to-Injection, Sample-to-Sample 
  • Featuring – High-Resolution Separations with Increased Peak Capacity 
  • Optimized – Spray Directly off of the Column with Zero Dead Volume  
  • Integrated – Universal for Existing Source Hardware and Workflows
  • Ideal – Perfect for Low Volume, Complex Samples
  • Productive – Out-of-the Box Solution
  • Easy – No Need to Pack your Own Columns

Join the Evolution of Revolution and add more analytical power to your low sample volume workflow. Please contact us and pre-order your 25 cm Packed PicoFrit® LC-MS columns today.  

PicoFrit® LC-MS Column: Anatomy of a Revolution

  • A Three Piece Integrated System
    • Emitter – Infinite Control
    • Frit – Universal Integration
    • Column – Ultimate Interaction
  • Evolution of A Revolution – A New Objective Process 
    • Innovative Engineering 
      • High Performance Silica – The Fabric of Strength and Durability
    • Revolutionary Design 
      • Zero Dead Volume PicoFrit® – High Performance Redefined
    • Iconic Function 
      • Unprecedented Results
  • Get Ready, Get Started, Get Updated!
    • Versatile Performance 
      • Choose Your Peak Capacity
    • Classic Quality
      • Reproducibility
      • Ruggedness
    • Value – Time is Money
      • Out-of-Box / Plug and Play
      • Simple, Easy, Scalable