History of Our Innovation

For over two decades, and with over 10,000 cited and peer reviewed publications following on the seminal work published by Gary Valaskovic in Science in 1996, New Objective has led high-sensitivity LC-MS research through innovative life-science sample prep and emitter technologies. Founded in 1997 on PicoTip® technology, New Objective has remained on the cutting edge of nano- and micro-bore chromatography and mass spectrometry through engaging, ongoing communication with our customers, continuous innovation and unwavering commitment to quality.

The legacy of innovation at New Objective has been established over its tenure. The foundational work inspired the launch of New Objective: through seeing how innovative technologies can answer complicated biological questions and unlock answers previously unobtainable.

With the high-performance and ease of use engineered into all our products, the original PicoTip product line of emitters quickly expanded to include emitters with an integral frit. Integration enables zero-dead-volume operations by spraying directly from the column outlet. Additional technologies soon followed with the IntegraFrit™ and PicoClear™ creating a micro-fluidic toolbox for performing high-sensitivity, zero-dead-volume, reproducible nanobore chromatographic assays.

By integrating our patented and proprietary products into PicoChip® and FlowChip™ we provide portable, out-of-the box solutions for nano- and micro-spray that routinely deliver high-performance, optimal peak capacity and ruggedness from sample to sample, assay to assay, lab to lab and trial to trial.

The evolution of innovation within New Objective has continued to fuel cutting edge research. Advancements in integration enable both ease-of-use and portability, making high-performance nanospray and microspray accessible to researchers focused on biology, and ultimately the patient. Publications in 2021 (over 400 publications) feature scientists, biologists and clinicians across the globe integrating New Objective to their workflows as the standard for high-performance, quality and value. Our technologies revolutionize their ability to unlock the answers to life – peptide, to protein and beyond. 

All of our product lines are engineered and manufactured to exacting tolerances using a proprietary combination of laser, chemical and precision mechanical micromachining techniques that are exclusive to New Objective, which have been innovated within our facilities. Market demands for simple, easy and scalable solutions have driven the integration of our better, rugged and reliable technologies to comprehensive packaged and portable solutions. They are the standard for LC-MS analysis.

Performance. Quality. Value.

Portfolio of Our Innovation

Technology – PicoTip Powered®

GlassTip™ – Introduced in 1997, the iconic GlassTip which helped to launch the company and the PicoTip branded line of precision engineered emitters, brought to market the ultimate in sensitivity, high-performance and quality for demanding applications inclusive of intact and native protein analysis, delivering attomole sensitivity which has been widely referenced since its inception.

SilicaTip™ – Introduced in 1997, the widely-used and well-recognized SilicaTip launched the company and the PicoTip branded line of precision engineered emitters and quickly became the standard for the emerging proteomics market. Fabricated from fused-silica and enabling highly-sensitive nanospray analysis with unparalleled tip-to-tip reproducibility and long-lifetime, the SilicaTip has become the gold standard by which all other emitters are measured.

TaperTip™ – Introduced in 1999 with next level performance as part of the PicoTip portfolio, the TaperTip is a rugged and robust precision tool expanding from nanospray to microspray capabilities, manufactured on precision engineered platforms exclusive to New Objective.

Integrated Technology – Zero-Dead Volume 

PicoFrit® – Introduced in 1999, PicoFrit is a revolutionary innovation in analysis building on the precision engineered SilicaTip, integrating an emitter and column into one and delivering to the market the standard for low-flow, high-performance analysis and chromatographic separations.

IntegraFrit™ – Introduced in 2000, the IntegraFrit is equally iconic with identical advantages for online sample preparation, building on the revolutionary innovation of the PicoFrit, with zero-dead volume and integral frit technology.

Integrated Solutions – Digital Column Packing

PicoClear™ – Introduced in 2007, a revolutionary true zero-dead volume connection solution integral to the proprietary, custom and digital column packing system at the heart of our column manufacturing.

Integrated Solutions – Lights! Camera! Spray!

PicoView® – Introduced in 1999 PicoView, entered the market as the premier and sole solution for spray visualization, integrating optimized lighting and high-resolution cameras delivering to users around the word the ability to clearly view the spray – nanospray – in real time, for the first time. The power of the clear, high-performing spray visualization of PicoView validated performance and facilitated control reassuring users and operators with its market leading and innovative approach to visualization.

Digital PicoView® – Introduced in 2007, the Digital PicoView solution built on the framework of PicoView furthering the power and control over performance with digital imaging, automated stage actuation and cross-platform compatibility. These features enable even higher resolution imaging, continuous remote monitoring and spray file image capturing with the visualization package. The automated stage delivers positional recall and digital-divert and emitter rinsing capabilities, which maximizes performance with increased instrument uptime.  

SmartSpray™ – Introduced in 2021, SmartSpray technology is based on visual orthogonal control systems patented in 2005 to ensure routine high-quality data through high-quality spray. Seeing is believing and the next generation technology in the PicoView line of integrating spray visualization, SmartSpray provides the user with clear, visual reassurance for their high-throughput low-flow assays.

Portable Solutions – Simple, Scalable, Easy-to-Use

PicoChip® – Introduced in 2011, the PicoChip solution for nanoflow LC-MS integrates the industry standard for analysis – the PicoFrit – into a simple, easy-to-use, scalable solution packaged for safety, portability, and unified global workflows.

FlowChip™ – Introduced in 2018, the FlowChip builds on the standard for analysis in the PicoFrit and the simple, easy-to-use, scalable solution of PicoChip, enabling standardized global workflows with its safe, portable self-contained packaging engineered for microflow LC-MS and a portfolio of applications inclusive of Proteomics, Metabolomics and Lipidomics.