Our Mission

Our passion is to reduce suffering through working collaboratively to transform our innovative technologies into solutions and invite others to join us in this quest.

Medicine is getting smaller, faster, and more focused on the needs of the patient. With over 20 years of experience in technology that is small and precise, we are committed to improving healthcare outcomes through bridging the divide between experimental and routine.

By working with our key collaborators, we create high-performance solutions that are robust, rugged and easy to use, allowing the focus to be on the biology not on the equipment.

Our Community

Born as a technology company, the story of New Objective growing into a company based on relationships can be told through a series of global CPSA Meetings organized by Mike Lee of Milestone Development Services. These meetings validate the growth of the PicoFrit™, PicoChip® and FlowChip™ markets through listening to the needs of those working for the patient. Through these community-building meetings we have established alliances and Centers of Excellence around the world. CPSA Meetings bring together academic researchers and industry leaders and build a trust that encourages us all to work together to do more for those in need.

Our Team

Mike Lee


Emily Ehrenfeld


Gary Valaskovic

Founder and Research Fellow

Amanda Berg

Vice President

Helena Svobodova

Product Manager

Joe Siple

Director of Corporate Relations

Neil Spooner

Spooner Bioanalytics Consultant

Jeremiah Tipton

BioTech & OMICSx Solutions