The New Objective Story

Starting in March of 2020 and ongoing through today New Objective as a business has dedicated time to rethink, reconnect and refocus as we have led early and continue to lead, Everyday, our organization to operate in the new world launched with the global pandemic. With the onset of the pandemic, we have refocused the vision, mission and culture of our organization to serve the market with a purpose.

Our primary focus in 2020 was on the personal health and safety of our staff and family of employees. We dedicated time, starting with a facility shut down followed by a slow, structured restart to ensure we were able to operate safely and could establish work environments that were thoughtful and safe for all of our staff. As we focused Everyday to operate safely, we moved facilities and reconfigured our new corporate headquarters in Littleton for manufacturing.

We continued, setting out early in 2020 inviting our community to participate in our story to make a difference. Our engagement with our community was launched first with our suppliers, as we secured our supply chain and reset our operations to work within a new framework of changing availability, changing lead times and changing prices. We coupled our supply chain management with early customer engagement, providing forward guidance and requesting mutual guidance. With an influx of high-volume orders, we responded with the establishment of a portfolio of standard products to meet the demand.

In 2021 our engagement with our community continued as we connected with our customers who reached out and set forward a framework for migration – to migrate from a technology (GlassTip, SilicaTip, PicoFrit) and a custom OEM product to our integrated solutions – the FlowChip for microflow LC-MS as a launching point and our heated PicoChip solution for nanoflow analysis. Collectively our ongoing invitation to participate has paved a path forward for our customers giving the choice to standardize on the FlowChip platform while providing a framework for migration, demonstrating our commitment to support our existing customers while reflecting the simple truths of how the pandemic has changed critical elements of operations.

Our portfolio of innovative solutions featuring the FlowChip delivers the ability to answer critical questions for the patient by changing the paradigm of care from the current model of sick care to healthcare by delivering the elements of performance needed for patient driven analysis – standardized, quantitative, reproducible, and universal, for small sample volumes.

As we have pivoted to focus our business to serve the needs of the patient through enabling analysts running patient driven studies demanding reproducible, quantitative results with small sample volumes and large sample cohorts, we have pivoted our product portfolio with an identical focus, featuring the Universal Flow Station and FlowChip solution. Together, they deliver a platform enabling standardized workflows for microflow and nanoflow LC-MS. The FlowChip solution has integrated over 25 years of market leading innovation in flow technology and understanding from our customers and collaborators as we have brought electrospray into focus to deliver the performance elements needed – reproducibility, ruggedness, quality and value to answer the critical questions of value, to the patient.

New Objective entered the market in 1997 with innovation that changed the industry with the ability to analyze, detect and measure biomolecules – proteins – at sensitivity levels that made it relevant from a biological perspective. Today, New Objective and its FlowChip solution enables the ability to tell a story of biology – proteins – with its ability to unify discreet measurement taken over time, bringing the biology to life and giving those measurements when unified, purpose. Our organizational migration highlights our unwavering commitment to deliver to the market innovative solutions that will make a difference for the patient, Everyday.