CPSA Everyday Celebrates the Future with Launching the Steven A. Hofstadler Student Session

January 21, 2022 – Newtown, PA (USA) Mike Lee, founder of the CPSA series of meetings and 2021 CPSA USA program chair, launched the Steven A. Hofstadler student session together with Petia Shipkova of Bristol Myers Squibb and Emily Ehrenfeld of New Objective, Inc. The annual student session dedicated to the memory and legacy of Steven A. Hofstadler was launched with a breakfast meet and greet, reformatted for digital on Friday January 21st at 10 AM (EST). The meeting brought together students from the University of Florida, Northwestern University and the University of Wisconsin to meet with mentors representing a broad spectrum of industry and academia, all unified in sharing inspiration, personal experiences and perspectives as they relate to careers and opportunities as well as hopes and dreams.

The three featured students will be presenting their work at upcoming dedicated events. Elizabeth Bayne from the Ying Ge lab at the University of Wisconsin will be presenting her work on “A Multiomics Approach Enabled by Sequential Metabolomics and Proteomics for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes” on Friday February 18, 2022. Hoda Safari Yazd a student with Richard Yost at the University of Florida, will present her work on Friday March 4, 2022 sharing her research in mass spectrometry titled “Mass Spectrometry-Based Multi-Omic Characterization of Meningioma Grades Using Machine Learning”. Taojunfeng Su from the Kelleher Lab at Northwestern University will present his ongoing research titled “PTM Predictor: Construction of Proteoform Database for Increasing the Phylogenetic Reach of Top-Down Proteomics”.

The Steven A. Hofstadler student session celebrates science and its constant evolution as told through the inspired and dedicated work of sponsored students as well as mentorship, its impactful role on the future and intrinsic ability to make a difference. Steve was both a student of science and life, as well as a mentor to many and his legacy in innovation and stewardship through those he mentored lives on through CPSA, the student session and the students who are featured within the student session.