CPSA USA Features Gary Valaskovic of New Objective in the Distinguished Lecture Series

December 15, 2021 – Newtown, PA (USA) The CPSA USA community as led by Mike Lee, founder of the CPSA meetings and CPSA USA 2021 program chair along with Robyn Rourick of Genentech featured Gary Valaskovic of New Objective as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series. Gary’s lecture on “Integration & Miniaturization: An Operating System for LC-MS in Life Science” shared cutting-edge innovation stimulating discussion and collaboration, as the CPSA community continues to come together to standardize, unify and industrialize.

Gary shared developments in innovation, advancing nanoflow and microflow chromatography through integration and the development of an operating system. The operating system, comprising of a Universal Flow Controller and Universal Flow Station, which is portable, has universal compatibility and through artificial intelligence and an advanced imaging control system, has created a system with the “characteristics of an experienced operator, distilled down to simple interactive go/no go feedback control”. The operating system coupled with sample centric sampling, where using integrated zero-dead volume solutions for sampling, a workflow Gary and Mike developed collaboratively with Neil Spooner of Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions, “supports methods and creates workflows centered around the sample, a launching point to center around the patient”. Together, Gary highlighted, the emphasis migrates to data flow over liquid flow”.

Brad Ackermann of Eli Lilly summarized the lecture in “Gary and New Objective has harnessed the power of technology and put it into play, reducing to practice, without smoke and mirrors”, launching a fruitful discussion including Robyn and Ian Wilson with Imperial College of London. Neil Spooner, Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions, summarized the discussion in his observation “the technology . . . it works, we know it works . . . let’s see how to move forward using technology instead of taking time to tear it apart or figure it out”.  

In introducing Gary, Robyn, celebrated their history by sharing stories of how she and Gary met and as “an inspiration in meaningful change as it relates to analysis” and projected the discussion in her personal story of Gary teaching her nanospray (in the 90’s) and “how he made it (seem) easy”.