CPSA USA Features Ian Wilson as the Plenary Lecturer

December 17, 2021 – Newtown, PA (USA) The CPSA USA community as led by Mike Lee, founder of the CPSA meetings and CPSA USA 2021 program chair featured Ian Wilson of Imperial College in London as the Plenary Lecturer for this year’s meeting. Ian’s lecture titled “Get out of my way you fools, I’m an old man in a hurry!!!!!; Analysis at the speed of life” captured his insight into the future and where analysis needs to be to make data driven decisions and personalize medicine.

Ian highlighted the advancement in bioanalytical analysis in stating is has never been better or faster and the opportunities that exist now, inclusive of the need to shift focus – from the number of peaks to the “number of peaks that matter”, integration and the ability to see connections in the molecular map generated by genomics, proteomics and metabolomics and sampling – from small sample volumes (a single drop of blood) to accessible samples including breath and urine. Ian outlined a path towards personalized medicine starting with genotyping early, monitoring through life for early intervention generating a molecular map to “help you find things you didn’t know you were looking for” which collaborates with what you already know, enabling medicine to be personalized and treat the patient as an individual.

As the plenary lecturer, Ian joins a group of thoughtful thought leaders inclusive of Enaksha Wickremsinhe of Eli Lilly at CPSA Analytics 2021 and Athena Zuppa of Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia at CPSA USA 2020 who have launched the CPSA meeting with a clear focus on the patient, the opportunities that lie in current technology to make a difference and a shared sense of urgency. Ian expressed the simple truth in “There is no time to waste – the need is pressing”.