Get Ready with New Objective

May 10, 2023 – Littleton, MA (USA) The New Objective portfolio of technology featuring the GlassTip™, SilicaTip™ and PicoFrit® emitters brings to market portable, out-of-the box solutions for nano- and micro-spray that routinely deliver the industry standard for high-performance and sensitivity. The universally reliable, reproducible and rugged performance tip-to-tip ensures results from sample to sample, assay to assay and lab to lab optimized to your laboratory and application workflows.


The GlassTip emitter for dedicated off-line analyses delivers sensitivity, high-performance and quality, for intact and native protein analysis.


The SilicaTip emitter, fabricated from fused-silica, enables highly-sensitive nanospray analysis with unparalleled tip-to-tip reproducibility and long-lifetime.


The PicoFrit emitter integrates an emitter and column into one, delivering low-flow, high-performance analysis and chromatographic separations.

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