New Objective Announces FlowChip Solution for Integrative OMICS: A Universal Solution Unifying the Pillars of Health to Tell a Story of Life

April 27, 2022 – Littleton, MA (USA) Mike Lee, CEO together with Emily Ehrenfeld, President and co-founder and Gary Valaskovic, Research Fellow and co-founder of New Objective, announce today the next chapter in their portfolio, as they formally launch the FlowChip solution as the universal low-flow solution for all OMICS (Proteomics, Lipidomics, Metabolomics) unifying these pillars of health to tell a story of life.

The FlowChip solution, introduced in 2018, builds on New Objective’s portfolio of innovation delivering an integrated solution for low-flow analysis. Typical low-flow analysis generates a single snapshot image from one camera or area of work, e.g., proteomics, metabolomics or lipidomics.

Standardization is the key to unify multi-platform, multi-lab, multi-patient studies and FlowChip unlocks the story within the data. With the robust and reproducible FlowChip, you gain the ability to run a high volume of samples from each of these areas to create a series of images collected over time, telling a story of life. As a universal solution for all OMICS, with cross-platform compatibility, the FlowChip enables analysts to collect data – pictures taken at an instant in time – and unify them with the ability to be taken within the same framework from multiples angles. These images of biology – proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics – provided by the FlowChip generate three angles of life.

The translation from the gene to a protein to a metabolite, taken as discrete measurements, visualize health at an instant in time. When integrated and measured over time, as in a longitudinal study, they tell a story and the change in biology – health, disease, progression, treatment.  

CPSA USA featured Ian Wilson as the Plenary Lecturer for its 2021 meetings. In his lecture where he shared a story of analysis at the speed of life, Ian highlighted our current analytical capabilities to generate a molecular map – a biological picture – and the need to integrate, to see the connections between genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. With FlowChip, and its ongoing build of a Universal Operating System, led by the innovation of Gary Valaskovic together with Mike Lee, New Objective is bringing to the market the ability to generate a movie of life and the fundamental pieces of biology that tell the truth and its outcome, when measured over time. 

The FlowChip solution, built on integrated PicoFrit technology – a standard for the proteomics industry since it hit the market – has been established as the standard for Top-Down Proteomics as part of the Human Proteoform Project (HPFP), led by the Kelleher Research Group at Northwestern University.

Following on its ready adoption for Top-Down Proteomics, Mike Lee, together with Emily Ehrenfeld, have partnered with Rafael Melani at Northwestern University to launch FlowChip as the standard solution for metabolomics starting with Fungi. With the support of a consortium comprised of leaders across the industry representing pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research organizations, plans have been launched to integrate FlowChip for metabolomic studies in human samples.