New Objective Announces the FlowChip: A Novel Standard for Everyday Use

May 25, 2022 – Littleton, MA (USA) New Objective, Inc., a market leader in innovative solutions for nanoflow and microflow LC-MS, announces the FlowChip as a novel standard for Everyday use bringing to market a solution for longitudinal studies that can be integrated to tell a story of health. Gary Valaskovic, Co-Founder and Research Fellow, New Objective, highlighted the FlowChip during a recent webinar event and defined its value as a novel standard for Everyday use with its ability to readily scale from conventional HPLC to UPLC to microflow.

Gary went on to detail “the ratio of linear velocity is preserved across these formats (HPLC to UPLC to FlowChip) with a parallel progression (improvement) in sensitivity – good, better, best”. The novel nature of the FlowChip, as Gary elaborated, is the retention of the key elements of performance and quality – peak capacity, reproducibility and ruggedness, as they are “built-in . . . engineered in”.  The preservation of linear velocity across these formats coupled with the retention of the key elements of performance at lower flow rates delivers in the FlowChip a standard solution with the requirements fulfilled for ready adoption and integration into existing workflows, facilitating comparative analysis across platforms.

The New Objective webinar event launched the FlowChip as a standard platform for metabolomics, working together with Rafael Melani in the Kelleher Research Group, Northwestern University. Helena Svobodova, Product Manager, New Objective paired together with Rafael to lead discussions and share the progression within Northwestern, standardizing on FlowChip for Top-Down Proteomics to the recent launch using FlowChip for the metabolomic studies in fungi. Helena, who has been leading the integration of the FlowChip platform at Northwestern punctuated Gary’s technical outline of the FlowChip and its position as a novel standard in “the FlowChip can answer all questions – ease-of-use, robustness and reproducibility”.

Gary further highlighted the complementary nature of the FlowChip to the PicoChip – fully functional and interchangeable on the same, universal platform with different use and function – “the FlowChip for Everyday use and PicoChip for special use, such as small sample size and close up scenes”. The PicoChip, an integrated solution for nanoflow LC-MS delivers “high-performance . . . at a cost – throughput as it relates to ruggedness and ease-of-use”. In contrast to the FlowChip, which readily scales from conventional HPLC, “the format ratio for nanoLC doesn’t scale and is broken”. PicoChip at these flow rates and limited samples complements FlowChip to give in-depth views for applications inclusive of “CNS, Cancer, Immunopeptidomes, Gene Expression, Program Specific applications and more”.