• PicoFrit® Integrated Technology
  • High-performance separation at nanoliter flow rates
  • Reproducible results: tip-to-tip, injection-to-injection, column-to-column, lab-to-lab, study-to-study
  • Fused-Silica or nanoViper™ compatible connections
  • Easy to use, reproducible robust universal connectivity
  • Portable – compatible with multiple platforms


Nanobore Format: 75 μm ID x 15 μm Tip ID
Bed Length: 25 cm
Chemistries: Reprosil-PUR 1.9μm C18 (120 Angstrom)
Connectivity: Universal
Pressure Limit: 650 Bar (9,400 PSI)


  • PicoTip Powered™ – built on SilicaTip™ technology delivering the standard for high-performance and reproducibility
  • Zero-Dead Volume – featuring PicoFrit® Integrated Technology, the revolutionary emitter and column in one
  • Digital Column Packing – custom and digital column packing featuring PicoClear™
  • Integrated Packaging – simple, scalable, easy-to-use solution enabling standardized, portable and unified workflows
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