New Objective PicoFrit® Under Pressure: See What You’ve Been Missing

December 7, 2023 – Littleton, MA (USA) New Objective, Inc., the global leader and industry standard for nanoflow and microflow LC-MS offers the most comprehensive LC-MS system for protein analysis. The PicoChip® solution, Precision Engineered™ by design with alignment for performance, empowers researchers and clinicians to transform sample into spray, reliably, reproducibly and robustly – to deliver: where results matter.

As Leaders in Flow Technology™ New Objective controls the movement of fluid from injection to ionization through its precision engineered portfolio of innovative technology. The Zero Dead Volume PicoFrit® Technology delivers proprietary technology that protects your emitter and the integrity of your instrument through a sequence to lock, load and filter your analyte. The PicoFrit controls the torque force on the liquid flow as the linear velocity of fluid flow increases at the emitter, controlling the pressure drop at the end of the column as the integral emitter-column design pushes out the droplet for reliably, reproducible and robust transformation of sample to spray.

  • Column Lock: Column Lifetime – protects the column bed and prevents movement of the column bed by locking in the PicoPack™ digitally packed bed on the proximal end of your column.
  • Load: Analyte Loading – integral frit focusing the analyte with zero dead volume technology, enables sample to spray directly from the column with no band broadening.
  • Filter: Emitter Safety – controls the torque force on liquid flow from sample to spray and prevents clogging.

The PicoChip solution features PicoFrit Zero Dead Volume Technology to lock, load and filter your analyte, preserving the integrity of your emitter and your mass spectrometer for reliable, reproducible and robust analyses: injection-to-injection, sample-to-sample, chip-to-chip, study-to-study. PicoChip integrates this technology for complete control over the force of torque on the transformation of analyte to droplet, sample to spray – delivering long term stability for longitudinal studies and performance that is unmatched in the market.

See what you’ve been missing with the New Objective PicoChip and the integral PicoFrit Zero Dead Volume Technology for emitter longevity and instrument safety ensuring reliable transformation sample to spray for every, single, sample.

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