PicoChip®: See What You’ve Been Missing

July 26, 2023 – Littleton, MA (USA) New Objective, Inc., the global leader and industry standard for nanoflow and microflow LC-MS offers the most comprehensive LC-MS system for protein analysis. The PicoChip® solution, Precision Engineered™ by design with alignment for performance, enables researchers and clinicians to transform sample into spray, reliably, reproducibly and robustly to deliver – where results matter.

As Leaders in Flow Technology™, New Objective controls the movement of fluid from injection to ionization through its precision engineered portfolio of innovative technology. These proprietary technologies control the energy of motion through a dynamic kinetic sequence of forces resulting in demonstrated control over the movement of fluid and the mechanics of ionization.

  • Lateral Force – IntegraFrit™ Zero Dead Volume technology controls the lateral force provided by the HPLC pump.
  • Rotational Force – Digital PicoPack™ Digital Pack™ technology controls the rotational force of fluid flow.
  • Torque Force – PicoFrit™ Zero Dead Volume technology controls the torque on liquid flow from column to droplet.
  • Vertical Force – Digital PicoSpray™ SilicaTip™ technology controls the vertical energy of liquid phase to ionization.

PicoChip integrates these technologies for complete control over the energy of fluid motion in a single solution, delivering long term stability for longitudinal studies and performance that is unmatched in the market. Transform your analysis with PicoChip, a solution for life and see what you’ve been missing. Contact New Objective today at sales@newobjective.com.