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May 31, 2023 – Littleton, MA (USA) New Objective emitters and LC-MS Solutions provide advanced chromatography power to visualize incredibly complex separations of proteins. The New Objective portfolio enables researchers with visionary technology to clearly see their data as the emitter transforms sample into spray. With the power of choice researchers can select amongst a suite of available emitters and solutions for out-of-the box LC-MS analysis delivering reliable, reproducible, rugged results for bottom-up to top-down proteomics. 

The New Objective PicoChip® and FlowChip™ columns – solutions built on the state-of-the-art SilicaTip™ and PicoFrit® emitter technology – have been integrated as a standard platform for clinically driven studies. The emitter at the core of these solutions has transformed sample to spray for the analysis of proteins.

Robert Salzler and his team at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, clearly seeing the importance of mass spectrometry for their clinical applications and the need for a robust, reliable and reproducible analytical platform to support large sets of patient samples, have standardized on the heated PicoChip for immunopeptidomic assays. The easy-to-use, robust and reproducible solution has been enabling Robert and his team to reliably see results, bottom-up – sample-to-sample, chip-to-chip, study-to-study.

Justyna Zakaria and colleagues at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine have been clearly visualizing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) biomarkers with the PicoChip. The out-of-the-box performance has delivered reliably reproducible, rugged results enabling precise methods to clearly measure the metabolism of AD biomarkers in the human central nervous system using cerebrospinal fluid.

Rafael Melani and colleagues at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine have visualized biomarker candidates in liver transplanted recipients using the FlowChip. Standardizing the FlowChip solution as the platform for the analysis of intact proteins in liver tissue has enabled Rafael and colleagues to visualize changes reliably and reproducibly over time as part of a longitudinal study.

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Identifying Tumor-Specific HLA/Peptides for Targeting with Cell-Based Therapies – Robert Salzler, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers – Justyna Zakaria, Northwestern University

Top-Down Proteomics: Liver Organ Transplant Clinical Studies based on Proteoforms – Rafael Melani, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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