Get Updated with New Objective: The Universal Flow Station – The Standard Platform for Nano and Micro LC-MS

June 14, 2023 – Littleton, MA (USA) New Objective, Inc., the industry standard for innovative solutions for nanoflow and microflow LC-MS enables researchers with the power of choice with the Universal Flow Station – the standard platform for nano and micro LC-MS. The Universal Flow Station, a source engineered for unified nanoflow and microflow LC-MS workflows, supports both the PicoChip® and FlowChip™ solutions on one, single, platform.

The Universal Flow Station, built on the framework of the New Objective portfolio of source solutions including the PicoView™ and Digital PicoView™, preserves the element of control engineered into these solutions. Using the Universal Flow Station, control your workflow and define your throughput via flowrate with the ability to select the optimal flow rate for your application, while preserving performance and generating reliable, reproducible and rugged results across the integrated solutions dedicated for nanoflow and microflow chromatography: PicoChip and FlowChip.

The PicoChip solution, built on the industry standard emitter, SilicaTip™, and PicoFrit® integrated technology, enabling the highest performing zero-dead volume chromatographic separations available in the market, delivers out-of-the-box results for nanoflow LC-MS and bottom up proteomic workflows. The heated PicoChip is enabling researchers with the power to visualize their data for bottom-up proteomics and see what they have been missing including Robert Salzler at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Justyna Zakaria at Northwestern University, as they standardize on the PicoChip solution using the Universal Flow Station.

The FlowChip, an integrated solution for microflow LC-MS further builds on the industry standard performance of the SilicaTip emitter and PicoFrit integrated technology for workflows and applications developed at microflow rates. Rafael Melani and colleagues at Northwestern University have standardized on the FlowChip for longitudinal studies of liver transplant patients using Top-Down Proteomics LC-MS to identify proteoforms for biomarkers candidates of organ rejection.

The Universal Flow Station unifies the PicoChip and FlowChip integrated solutions for flexible workflows from nanoflow to microflow on one, single, platform. The engineered control powers researchers to see more, as they visualize their data with the range of tools available and experience reliable, reproducible, rugged results – sample-to-sample, chip-to-chip, instrument-to-instrument and study-to-study – without compromising performance.  

See what you have been missing with New Objective and the Universal Flow Station, the standard for unified nanoflow and microflow LC-MS and experience the advanced chromatography power you are familiar with to visualize incredibly complex separations of proteins. Contact for more information.