New Objective FlowChip: A Universal Camera to Film Movies of Health

May 25, 2022 – Littleton, MA (USA) Mike Lee, CEO together with Emily Ehrenfeld, Co-Founder and President, New Objective, Inc., introduced the capabilities of the FlowChip as a standard platform enabling integration from experimental design to interpreted data through the story – of filming a movie. Emily led the narrative, passionately, amplifying the voice of the patient, unifying their needs with the capabilities of the FlowChip and the Universal Flow Station as highlighted in a recent webinar hosted by New Objective.

Emily presented the FlowChip, “a universal movie camera filming the same scene from different perspectives – proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics” that when integrated and edited, “portrays a comprehensive map of a cell’s state across the multiple angles of perspective”. As a standard platform for microflow LC-MS, the FlowChip enables the “filming” (data capture) to generate “a basic scene from all directions”. A director can decide where to explore with greater depth – “a close-up view” – with the map of information generated with the “global view of the FlowChip” and drill down with the higher-objective view using the PicoChip. The Universal Flow Station enables the ready interchange of these two formats. An editor through integrated analysis can put together what is happening in the cell as the standard platform provides a universal framework in which the data can be readily and repeatedly, compared. A talking movie – one that expresses the voice of the patient – tells a patient’s story in the progression of health, disease, treatment, and response when changes are measured over time – a longitudinal study.  

Emily captured the progression of innovation which New Objective is leading as she stated “we went from a picture (emitters) to a silent movie (PicoChip) and now to talking movies to hear the voice of the patient” – and spoke of the “FlowChip as the standard to compare and the basis for longitudinal studies”; an expression of what the patient needs.